Monday, April 2, 2018

Namibia: March 2018

Our last weeks on the African continent were spent in Namibia. Desert landscapes like we've never seen before. Big spaces and even bigger skies. Here are some photos of places we visited -- all in the southern part of the country.

Arrival in Lüderitz
Kolmanskop -- once thriving during the diamond mining rush of the early 20th century, now a ghost town covered in sand

Railways built and never used

Desert house near on the road from Kolmanskop to Aus

Wild desert horses near Aus

World War I gun emplacement near Aus

Sunset atop boulders near Aus

At Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon, said to be the second largest canyon after the Grand Canyon in the US

Quiver trees

Overnight at Burgsdorf Guest house -- the rhinos were a surprise! were the cheetahs!

Lola enjoyed the playful kitties -- sisters raised from cubs by the rehabilitation program at Burgsdorf.

Oryx in the desert

Spectacular dunes at Sossusvlei

Jana on Dune 45

Sunset on Dune 45: a perfect wedding photo op!

Jackal near Diaz Point, near Lüderitz 
Diaz Point Lighthouse, near Lüderitz 

South Africa: December 2017 - March 2018

Some photos from scenic South Africa

Simon's Town and Western Cape Peninsula

Arrival in Simon's Town

Ostriches at the Cape of Good Hope

Haulout in Simon's Town

Western Cape water shortages, December 2017

Simon's Town -- view to the anchorage with Momo

Western Cape vineyards -- Stellenbosch and Franschoek road trip

Wildlife in South Africa: Big and Small

Xmas with Mario!

Mario with Lola and Jana: December 2017 on Momo

Mario with Lola and Jana: 2006 in La Paz, Mexico


Departing South Africa

Last evening in Simon's Town

Seals in the harbor
Dolphins escorted us out 

Lola and Jana and dolphins all around... 

Goodbye, South Africa: Sailing around the Cape Point lighthouse with a view to the Cape of Good Hope