Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Take on Things

The last thing we want to do is encourage anyone to go sailing.  There are far too many sailboats out here as it is; the ocean is getting crowded and the anchorages are packed.  And with every boat out here, the rules multiply.  It's dangerous, too: pirates, hurricanes, poverty, and inadequate healthcare!  Let's keep those sailboats where they belong: firmly tethered to First-World docks, meticulous and clean, varnished by illegal immigrants to maintain resale value.  As part of the effort to recover from the world's financial crisis, sailboats should be fitted with gear during the week and taken out on Sundays to produce the kind of head-turning envy that keeps the economy going.  But nothing more than that.  Long live the work-ethic!  We’re here to tell you that there’s nothing romantic about stuffing a family of four into an oversized cigar box with spars and canvas.  Nothing at all.