Saturday, August 21, 2010

More than you wanted to know..

As if our own website doesn't offer enough of a venue for us to go on and on about ourselves...

you can read all about Momo and her crew, distilled down to one (long) page, at Kathy Parson's Women and Cruising website.

Kathy and her team have put together an amazing project about sailing families, in which they've asked twelve sailing families to answer a set of questions about everything from safety to education to entertainment to offshore sailing. You can read about other families who were featured in weeks before usNEW LIFE, TOTEM, MERLIN, KANDARIK, and SHANGRI LA. 

And now you can read how we tackle those same questions, here.

Thanks to Kathy for this great website. Momo is very pleased to participate in this project.


  1. What a fabulous summary of this exotic life you lead (well, to all we land-lubbers).

    I think the most compelling stuff is that which touches on the girls and the challenges and payoffs of raising a family in this unusual setting. To most of us your story serves (apart from its fantasy potential!) as an experiment to see what happens when we are separated from all the things we spend our lives being told are essential--cell phones and video games and fast food and television (which has always seemed like a great cancer to me).

    It's not surprising to see the girls turning out to be curious and stimulated and self-reliant, but it's a valuable reminder and great food for thought. And you express all this and elucidate the salient bits wonderfully well.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting here -- glad this speaks to you. Cancer, yes: there are so many different forms. Pleased to see you returning to this site -- really appreciate your response. (We're not as exotic as you think, by the way; sometimes we're a little too salt-encrusted to be called 'exotic'!)